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Have you started getting messages on Linkedin saying, John Smith [or whoever] has requested your Opinion?

The text of the message is something like this:


I’d like to request 10 seconds of your time to leave me a quick rating here:
[Link Removed]

Thank you in advance!

[Link Removed]

If you have, then one of your connections has been taken in by MyBizCard. Don’t blame them though; they were just being helpful to someone else.

One of these people was Gloucestershire Copywriter Al Hidden, who wrote on his blog last monthabout the problems he had as a result. After Al agreed to write a review for a friend,

  1. MyBizCard asked him for access to his Linkedin profile;
  2. It then approached ALL his contacts for a review, even though he had picked only a selection;
  3. The request messages were sent in bulk without personalisation – like the one above which was sent to nearly a dozen people all visible to each other;
  4. The site then only makes three reviews visible, unless you buy a paid upgrade!

Al was rightly concerned, and so am I.

I was immediately suspicious of MyBizCard when the message was not personalised, and sent to several people including me. I then looked at the ‘Unsubscribe’ link and found I could only ‘unsubscribe’ by connecting MyBizCard to Linkedin, thereby giving them access to my email address. I don’t think so!

MyBizCard is Spam

Just Say No!I don’t know whether the other recipients of these messages agree, but I think MyBizCard is not a site I want to join, and I can’t unsubscribe from receiving messages from my Linkedin connections about it, without giving MyBizCard my email address.

I’m not alone either, I know many people who mark such requests as spam.

MyBizCard reminds me very much of phishing messages on Twitter. You get a Direct Message that says ‘hey, someone’s saying really bad things about you on Facebook’, you click the link thinking your friend is helping you, only to have your password harvested, then it passes on like a disease. People only realise when its too late, by which time they’ve infected several of their followers. Some of them may even report the user for spam when their hacked account starts sending out inappropriate messages. Its a very damaging use of the internet, and people can be very hurt when it happens to them, but they shouldn’t be, because these scams take advantage of your good nature.

So don’t get into MyBizCard – If people know you well, why not ask them for a recommendation via Linkedin itself?

What to Do about MyBizCard Spam

If you’ve already given MyBizCard your information, you can remove access to your information following these instructions:

  1. Go to your ‘privacy and settings’ page (drop down menu by your photo in the top right hand corner – in earlier versions of Linkedin the menu was by your name)
  2. Choose the ‘Groups, Companies and Applications’ tab;
  3. Click on ‘View your Applications’;
  4. Find ‘MyBizCard’ from the list, tick the checkbox and click the ‘Remove’ button.

If you can’t find MyBizCard in the list, you haven’t given them access to your Linkedin information. Think yourself lucky!

As far as I can tell, you can’t opt out of receiving these emails, but I suggest you don’t mark the messages as spam, as the person is probably unaware that this is happening. Instead, why not reply to them explaining. You’re welcome to share a link to this post to let them see why and what to do.