XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price 2022 PDF

Hello Users, today we are going to share the XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price 2022 PDF for all of you. The Honeywell 2 Universal Transmitter for Gas Detection Sensor 2 is a transmitter that can be configured to accept input from the Honeywell Analytics range of Gas sensor technologies.

This transmitter can also be configured to provide a variety of industrial-grade output signals. it is said that the transmitter enables users to have one interface for all their gas detection needs.

The most effective gas detection systems often use a variety of detection technologies; including point flammability detectors, toxic and oxygen electrochemical cell type detectors, and open path infrared detectors.

The XNX Provides a common transmitter interface for all of these and can be configured to provide industry-standard signal outputs to match each application’s specific requirement or preferred site standard.

XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price 2022 PDF – PDF Summary

Brand Honeywell
Model Name XNX Universal Transmitter
Usage Gas Detection
Voltage 220 V
Display Analog
Type Universal Transmitter
Body Material Mild Steel
Surface Finish Powder Coated

XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price 2022 – Specifications

  • flammable gas detection 0 to 100% LFL/LEL
  • Point IR with heated optics provides immunity to poisoning and no hidden faults.
  • Open path IR flammable gas detection in LEL measurement.
  • electrochemical cell offers toxic gas detection in PPM.
  • IR cell provides cO2 and combustible gas monitoring.
  • Robust and reliable operation in explosive areas and harsh environments.

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